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As the world comes to grips with the pandemic, it is necessary to calibrate the sourcing requirements under the new normal, which is inevitable

To say that the Covid-19 pandemic has turned the world topsy-turvy is like stating the obvious. With the growing dependency of major economies of the world, including India, for sourcing of critical industrial components and equipment from China and the disrupted supply chains, this is the best time to look for viable and reliable alternatives. For the record, China was India’s top-most import source in 2018-19 with total imports at $70.39 billion. Countries like the US and Japan have already gone on record of their intentions to reduce this dependency on China and move their manufacturing facilities from that country to elsewhere. Time to divert these activities from China to India, and in this process, create parallel sources here with businesses of proven credibility, backed by relevant certifications of physical and mechanical tests.

It is almost a year since the virus hit the headlines after its presence was first detected in China during the last week of 2019, and India is just recovering from the first wave of the pandemic. The Union government has directed the states to resume economic activity beyond the essential services that were kept running during the entire period. Maharashtra, for example, has already restarted about 25,000 units in the Green and Orange zones. The Prime Minister of India, in his most recent address to the nation, has stressed on ‘self-reliance’ as the key strategy to growth and how India will play a larger role in the global supply chain. A massive Rs. 20-lakh crore stimulus package was also announced.

Companies usually have a sound procurement policy, but the question during this crisis is if they have sourcing strategies in their quiver? While the Covid-19 pandemic has only brought this aspect into sharp focus, there have been natural calamities and regional economic crisis that have highlighted the weaknesses in sourcing, in the past.

ESSNPS has nearly two decades of manufacturing experience in a wide range of furnaces and equipment for heat treatments, melting, galvanising, and annealing, induction welding equipment and accessories – precision fabricated and machined parts – with world class facilities in India catering to the global requirements of discerning clients with no compromise on quality. Such equipment, furnaces, and pressure vessels – weighing from 1T to 50T (single piece) and customized to suit specific requirements – are subject to very high vacuum and manufactured under stringent quality norms, which are then supplied with firm delivery schedules adhering to the buyer’s Quality Management System.

ESSNPS also has the ability to design sourcing strategies and provide best buying solutions with proven credibility, while also respecting intellectual property protection and privacy issues. Proficient in conducting and supervising non-destructive testing, the company has the required expertise thanks to a team of diligent, qualified, and experienced professionals with the knowledge on the latest manufacturing and engineering techniques. The capabilities include a rich experience in vendor development and management, awareness on the latest export formalities and documentation, and vast experience in coordination with freight forwarding teams and partners for a smooth delivery.

Given that all these are the key features of the facilities and capabilities that ESSNPS has in place for years before the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world, going forward, these would be further fine-tuned for the new normal in the post Covid-19 world.

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