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Food & Pharma

One of the most critical industry segments with direct bearing on our health.

The food & pharma sector requires a wide array of machinery that is regulated by various grades of stainless steel and good manufacturing practices. This is also a field with a large number of smaller manufacturers in the unorganized sector with a good product range in smaller equipment at one end of the spectrum, and global players with highly automated equipment on the other. It takes real insight on the entire ecosystem to make the right selection of equipment for a plant, in view of all the requirements. ESSNPS has a successful track record in this area.
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    Products/Machinery that can be sourced for Food & Pharma
    • Storage Tanks
    • Filtration Equipment
    • Juicers
    • Static Mixers
    • Cans
    • Distributor Casings
    • Static Cristalizers
    • Heat Exchangers
    • Blending Tanks
    • Columns
    • Reactors
    • Evaporators