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High quality reliable solutions of equipment sourcing & procurement

Established in 2005, ESSNPS has a rock-solid reputation of being a reliable source of high-quality engineering equipment sourcing and procurement solutions for global companies.

Over decades, ESSNPS has been engaged in the highly competitive field of equipment sourcing backed by a team of diligent, qualified and experienced professional’s adept at establishing strategic sourcing relationships with clients and vendors by adopting seamless and transparent business processes. Our team has the ability to understand critical design, manufacturing and application requirements while being well-versed in intellectual property protection and privacy requirements. They also have the required expertise in metals and materials, quality control and the ability to deliver according to industry standards and customers’ specifications, familiarity with export formalities and documentation, with freight forwarding teams and partners for smooth delivery.

Our Vision

To provide the best customer experience in the realm of sourcing and procurement of high-quality engineering equipment at highly competitive rates with complete end-to-end services from RFQ to delivery.

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Beginning of a New Era

2006 - 2010

Laying Down a Strong Foundation

The first five years witnessed the commencement of the new enterprise with successful equipment sourcing services worth millions of dollars, thus laying down a strong foundation.

2010 - 2014

First Major Milestone

Achieved our first major milestone as the company officially became one of the largest suppliers of manufactured equipment for businesses based in the UK and USA.

2015 - 2019

Throwing Some Weight Around

Marching ahead on the principle of consistency, time for some ‘weighty’ performance – Shipment of flat racks of heavy-duty weight ranging from 20 to 50 tonnes!

Why Choose Us

We do not rest on our ethics, impeccable credentials, excellent track record or authentic references alone, and certainly don’t expect you to, at least on face value. We like to be challenged because that is what motivates us, hones our skills and adds to our armour of capabilities.

Professional Approach

Global competence, local manufacturing, conformance to relevant standards and excellent support across the world.

Prompt & Quick Response

Prompt & quick response time irrespective of the time zone. We understand and respect the importance of schedules and delivery requirements.

All Incoterms Honoured

All the essential terms of international trade as defined by the International Chamber of Commerce are honoured in letter and in spirit.

End to End Solutions

A range of end-to-end sourcing solutions with well-documented steps, complementing the procurement policies of the company.

Vertical Industry Expertise

A team of industry experts with extensive insights and category experience enabling to deliver comprehensive sourcing strategies.

Benchmark and Tools

Strategic services and solutions benchmarked against the top service providers and the best players in class sourcing tools.

Meet Our Team

Our team members bring to the table a formidable combination of years of industry experience across different verticals, along with a passion for innovation born out of practical experience and a track record of successfully completed projects.

Tushar Maladkar

Tushar Maladkar

Rajendra Tamhankar

Rajendra Tamhankar

Aniruddha Pathak

Aniruddha Pathak

Nagesh Shimpi

Nagesh Shimpi

Mangesh Phatangare

Mangesh Phatangare

Shashank Kale

Shashank Kale


Over decades of experience & domain knowledge about global sourcing solutions.

Over decades of experience & knowledge of global sourcing solutions.