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Prototyping is an essential part of product development and with the shrinking time to market period, this is more relevant than ever before.

While rapid advances in CAD software has enabled intricate designs, they still need to be prototyped for functional tests and validation. ESSNPS facilitates the process of product development from concept to prototypes, ready for final production. The company has the skills and expertise, to support manufacturers in their endeavor to bring products to the market within the shortest stipulated time.

Services We Provide

A wide range of prototyping services to turn a vision into reality – services that facilitate a review and reworking of the models in order to optimize the design, at any stage during the process.

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Virtual Prototyping

Virtual prototyping is a very useful way of showing products that have not been built. It saves time and resources by enabling the creation of the prototype that can be presented in business plans, meetings, and to investors. There is no better way to visualize a product considering the time and cost for development.

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3D Printing

3D printing refers to the process of producing 3 dimensional solid objects from a computer file in a few hours, rather than days or weeks. It is possible to experience the touch and feel of the product prototype to physically test it and find flaws in the design.

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Conceptual Prototyping

As an interim option between virtual prototype and working prototype, conceptual prototyping helps to bring a realistic model with some functional parts of the whole, rather than a complete model. Also known as a mock-up prototype, this serves limited purpose.

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Functional, Scaled Down Prototyping

Scaled down prototype models are miniature replicas of the final product. They can be used for testing various functional parameters of the product like efficiency, flow, discharge, etc. ESSNPS has the expertise to work on scaled down prototypes with the customers.

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Custom Fabricated Products

ESSNPS specializes in custom fabricated products and machined parts for a wide range of industrial applications. These prototypes are an accurate proof of concept and make great models for the study of form, function and dimensions of the final products that can then go in for mass production.

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    Our Strengths

    Prototyping Solutions

    As a professional service provider, ESSNPS has the necessary expertise in each aspect of prototyping to offer complete solutions, working right from paper drawings to delivering the working prototype, in consultation with the client’s team.

    The Eye for Detail

    It is said that God is in the details. The experience of professional scrutiny during work is a major advantage for companies who are outsourcing prototyping. The results are not just vital corrections but also fresh ideas to improve the design further based on the interaction.

    Cost Efficient

    Outsourcing of prototyping is very cost efficient for companies as they do not have to invest in the facility, which can be very costly. The resources can be better utilized in more productive tasks. More work gets done this way, with the advantage of faster time to market.

    Our Capabilities


    The ESSNPS team comprises qualified professionals with an eye for detail, who can contribute with ideas and suggestions to improve and perfect the prototype at the design stage and work with the clients’ team to test the concept before creating the prototype.

    Various Industrial Design Experience

    Our experts bring to the table a vast experience of different design elements and software suites and are familiar with the latest developments in the field to suggest the best way forward in any situation. This helps in smoothening out the wrinkles in the process, if any.


    When it comes to actual manufacturing of the prototype, ESSNPS has thorough knowledge and experience of all the different methods in order to obtain the best results for the job in hand – be it molding, machining, EDM or additive manufacturing.

    Material Selection

    Depending on the application or further testing requirements, appropriate materials are selected for the prototypes. If the desired material is not available, then a suitable equivalent is suggested in its place without impacting the overall result.

    Problems addressed

    With an extensive experience in providing services for the engineering and manufacturing industries, ESSNPS has developed problem solving capabilities to deal with critical technical issues.

    Intellectual Property Protection

    One of the most common apprehensions in outsourced services is the fear and worry about intellectual property protection. As a professional organization of high integrity, client confidentiality and the sanctity and safety of their data as well as other information is treated with utmost care. All patents are respected and any possible transgression that is likely to invite litigation is promptly brought to the notice of the concerned parties.


    Why should a company rely on an outside agency for prototyping?

    Most small and mid-size companies are always strained for resources. Prototyping for developing new products is an activity that needs a lot of those, besides the infrastructure in terms of software and hardware, machines, etc. This adds to the burden on the manpower and impacts the ongoing projects as well as new product development. Outsourcing of prototyping services to professional agencies gives a better control of the process as it simply has to monitor the progress and approve the developments at every stage, making the necessary changes and modifications at every iteration. The company also benefits from better resources as professional agencies work on the latest facilities available in the market.

    Will this not be a time consuming affair and cause delays in the timelines?

    The results with outsourcing come out much faster as it actually speeds up the process since you are dealing with professionals with adequate infrastructure and dedicated manpower to complete the task. They are also experts in the business and have a lot of experience with working on prototyping services for various other customers. The client actually benefits from their experience not only in terms of a faster turnover but also through ideas, insights and suggestions born out of this experience. It is like having additional manpower, than what the company would normally have, while attempting to do everything in-house. All this efficiency would translate into the fact that the products can come into the market much faster.

    What about the cost to the company? Will this not be an expensive proposition?

    If a company has to invest in a similar set up like the professional agencies, there will be a lot of investment to make for the infrastructure as well as the manpower without having that much development work in the new products all the time. On the other hand, outsourcing allows you to pay only for the services used and get access to all the skills and expertise without all that costly investment. The overall advantages of outsourcing have been well documented today where this has become a trend of lean manufacturing with companies concentrating only on their core competencies and reaping the benefits in the process.

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