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Client Brief

The customer is based in Europe and is a technology company providing heat treatment solutions worldwide.


For any organization, irrespective of the business – manufacturing, finance, or service – the key metrics invariably remain cost, quality, and efficiency, as part of their relentless pursuit for continuous improvement. The basis of the fundamental strength of a company will always remain grounded in efficient operations management.

Seamless supply of parts during the holiday season is a major concern, especially when suppliers turn you down at a stage when they are most required.

Looking for reliable and competent supplies in such situations is a big task and can prove to be very costly.

Key Challenge

    • Quick turnaround jobs
    • Precision machining and manufacturing
    • Tolerancing & Finishing
    • Target costing
    • Cost saving through compact packing

The Solution

The customer considers ESSNPS to be a well-known and value-driven company. They consulted us and wanted to source this job through us in view of our proven credibility. The protocols were set, and technical documents were exchanged with a target pricing.

Finding a suitable machine shop that could discontinue their existing production and help us was a herculean task. Nevertheless, our Sourcing experts were able to manage this situation well within the target price and the time schedule.

Shipping the job was another challenging task since the contract was not clear on the incoterms. Considering the urgency, we shipped it DAP, along with all the shipping documentation to ensure that the parts were delivered on time.

The Result

This enabled the customer to assemble the job in time for trials and deliver to their end customer.

They were able to work within the targeted project cost and time, and we were rewarded with repeat orders.