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Logistics often create many unexpected challenges for companies forced to stretch their resources because of the multiple parties involved in the process.

Wrong consignments, misplaced goods, delayed deliveries, and damaged goods can derail what initially appeared to be the best deal. ESSNPS along with associated service providers, offers solutions that factor in all these issues, based on extensive experience and thorough knowledge of the process.

Services We Provide

ESSNPS offers a range of logistics related services that offer a hassle-free experience to companies for all their logistics needs.

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Export Documentation

‘Cargo rides on paper’, they say. ‘Export Documentation’ may sound simple but involves an endless paper trail with various certificates, licenses, declarations, bills, invoices, lists and instructions. Best to leave it to the professionals.

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Coordination with Customers

Customer satisfaction and their demands are never ending. It takes some skill and a lot of enterprise-spirit to keep the customer happy. ESSNPS takes charge of customer coordination by creating a mutually beneficial and trusted relationship.

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Coordination with Logistics

Although the involvement of a third party seems to be unrealistic, they play a very important role in planning as well as execution. ESSNPS with its effective coordination skills, improves operational performance with on-time delivery.

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Container Stuffing Plan

Containers are of standard size, but the cargo comes in different shapes, sizes, and weight. ESSNPS helps clients to work out the most effective container stuffing plan by optimizing the use of space and working out the best loading plan, with the principle - safety first, always.

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Witness Stuffing

Seeing is believing is what conventional wisdom holds, and that is what ESSNPS provides with witness stuffing – a simple yet important event during container stuffing and loading to ensure that correct handling, positioning of parts per stuffing plan and lashed securely in the container.

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Select Packing Type

ESSNPS helps in selection of proper packing materials depending on the mode of transport, based on requirements like material resistance to extreme humidity, salinity, contamination, shocks, size of the cargo, and surfaces to be protected from friction during movement. It must fulfil the regulations of packing as per international trade.

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    Our Strengths


    ESSNPS offers logistics related services under one roof removing the hassles of dealing with multiple agencies with all the attendant problems of duplication of work and deployment of resources. Easy to monitor, saves time and much trouble.

    Professional Expertise

    It is not just about providing the services, but services with quality. As an experienced company having a team of qualified professionals with years of experience, clients are assured of the best service in each of the activities that comprise logistics services.

    Cost Savings

    Outsourcing of logistics services helps companies save on fixed cost of maintaining personnel with necessary skills in each area. Appropriate planning of frequency, size of shipments, specification regarding packing, handling, consolidation, with well-timed operations are cost saving factors. Besides getting access to quality services at a lower cost, this also enables companies to concentrate on core activity.


    Right Approach

    Understanding all the incoterms as well as addressing special concerns of the customer for providing the best logistics solution has been our forte. Based on the information, the right strategy is formulated to begin the work so that there are no unexpected hurdles in the process.

    Defining Clear Requirements

    After the initial contact and preliminary examination, all the procedural requirements are clearly defined to prepare the documentation in terms of permissions, clearances, approvals, certifications, declarations, and other statutory requirements.


    The cost of transportation is a major component of the total logistics expenses. It is very important to consolidate the consignments based on the nature of the cargo, packaging requirements, final destination, etc., to achieve efficiencies of scale.

    Select Appropriate Agencies

    Selecting the right agency for the given task is the most critical decision as the knowledge of the correct procedural requirements is essential. The selection of the right cargo carrier for a given geography based on the specialization is equally important.


    Once all the necessary background work and planning is done and the relevant agencies are selected, it is time for a smooth and orderly implementation of the entire plan with clockwork precision. Our experts are trained to oversee each stage to ensure delivery is on time.

    Problems Addressed

    ESSNPS has over decades of experience in the field, which helps in planning and implementation as well as trouble shooting in case of unexpected problems beyond human control such as natural calamities, for example. Routine problems are taken care of as a matter of policy.

    High Packing & Shipping Costs

    Packing and its appearance make for the first impression and should be hassle-free. It has a direct impact on the shipping volume and weight. Extra care is taken to achieve weight reduction by using appropriate packaging materials for reducing the cost without compromising on the quality and safety.

    Negative Customer Experience – Late Deliveries

    All care is taken to avoid a case of negative customer experience or feedback, to begin with. But sometimes due to factors beyond human control, delivery schedules are affected. Appropriate remedial measures are initiated to minimize the impact of such cases by keeping the customer in the loop.


    How can a company outsource a critical function like logistics which is central to the operations?

    Even though logistics is an important activity to the operations of a manufacturing company, it is not its core competency, which continues to be manufacturing. The amount of time, money and human resources devoted to having all logistics planning and implementation in-house often becomes a big overhead expense that can cause a significant dent in the profitability without getting any commensurate advantages. Globally the trend is to leave such peripheral services to professional providers and concentrate on the core activity with highly successful results. Outsourced services are managed by professionals, who are not only well versed with the vendor ecosystem but are also familiar with all the procedures to ensure a smooth, end-to-end service.

    Will quality of services provided by external agencies be compromised in the process?

    Outsourced service providers are highly qualified professionals for whom their core competency is to provide quality services. They are staffed with experts who have years of experience in each branch of logistics services like documentation, clearances, export regulations, packaging, transportation and tracking of the entire process. They are instrumental in setting up efficient supply chains by taking care of all the loose ends once entrusted with the responsibility. Above all, their business depends on maintaining the high quality of their services as it is often the word of mouth that gets them new business and a bad reputation is the last thing they are looking for.

    Yes, there are advantages, but will this not end up in costing much more at the end of the day?

    No, not at all. As already explained earlier, doing all these activities in-house is actually more expensive as the company will have to invest in everything related to logistics services including warehouses and transport fleet, in addition to having the required personnel and staff on the roll for all the activities. Professional service providers have many clients who are using their services so they already have all the infrastructure in place and as the cost is shared across all their customers, all the parties are benefitted by the economies of scale. Besides, they are in a better position to negotiate the best freight rates. They also are not restricted to any geography and provide global services.

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