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ESSNPS offers a range of allied services for engineering industries. These are not the regular services for which companies usually have a known supplier.

Sometimes it is a part that is no longer in production, or a special requirement for a fabricated assembly that is not available off-the-shelf since it is a one-of-a-kind requirement, such as reconstructing lost or damaged drawings or preparing 2D/3D versions from sketches. Finding a vendor or supplier in such cases is not easy and could well impact the smooth functioning of the plant or assembly line. Our allied services cater precisely to such requirements where no regular supplier is available. Based on our extensive experience, we help companies with such services in the shortest possible time.

Services We Provide

The professional expertise of ESSNPS extends to problem-solving capabilities in the engineering domain. This includes both products and services that are not available through regular channels, because of their peculiar nature.

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Reverse Engineering

When some part or component is no longer in production, the only alternative is to have it reverse engineered. It could also be loss of design documentation, changes in process requirements, or exploring new avenues for product enhancement, scrutinized for manufacturing ease. ESSNPS has the capability to provide a suitable solution.

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Mechanical & Electrical

Engineering services in the field of mechanical, electrical, automation, robotics, programming, and testing are offered. This includes re-engineering, concept to manufacturing engineering, 3D modelling, wiring diagrams, cabinet layouts, PLC & SCADA programming etc.

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Installation & Commissioning

ESSNPS undertakes installation & commissioning services for engineering industries. This includes new installations, relocations, specific tasks like an assembly line or just a single unit or machinery, and production support.

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    Our Strengths

    Prompt Response

    A prompt response by the stakeholders is very crucial. At ESSNPS, the response time is within the same day. Typically, no meeting or discussion ends without preparing a list of action items with designated responsibilities. So, this helps in understanding what is expected out of the stakeholders involved.

    Extensive Resources

    Our domain experts first understand the requirement and with the help of the established pool of service providers, they arrive at the apt solution for the given requirement or while addressing an issue.

    Economical Solutions

    Having been in the business over decades, ESSNPS has skills and competence to arrive at the most economical solution tailored to your requirements, with assured quality and service. Our team is also known to have the ability to solve complex issues.


    Engineering Drawings

    Equipped with a collective experience of over 100 years in preparing conceptual drawings for pre-sales activities, general arrangement drawings, schematics, electrical wiring diagrams, assembly, and manufacturing drawings with a detailed bill of materials using the latest software programs and platforms.

    2D Drawings from Hand

    Sometimes companies or consultants do not have in-house design skills for preparing 2D drawings from sketches. ESSNPS can help to prepare 2D drawing of parts and components from pictures, or even hand sketches.

    3D Models from Drawings and Sketches

    ESSNPS has invested in skills and facilities of software for numerous CAD services and undertakes jobs to prepare 3D models from drawings and sketches for various industrial engineering applications.

    Manufacturing Drawings and BOM

    Manufacturing drawings are different from engineering drawings. For preparing manufacturing drawings, one has to have manufacturing process knowledge (the limitations, the constraints, the availability of materials in the market, machinery required and tolerances). ESSNPS has extensive experience in preparing manufacturing drawings with a complete detailing and proven methodology to prepare flawless bills of materials.

    As Built Drawings

    An ‘As-built’ drawing is an important document and a record of a complete product and project. It brings out the difference between the original designs as opposed to the completed product and project. ESSNPS has the requisite skillsets to fulfil such a requirement.

    Material Equivalents/Selection

    For more than two decades, we have been working with international companies and we have extensive expertise in selecting and choosing the right equivalent materials where a given grade is to be substituted or not available in India, where the primary souring is done, and this is without compromising on the mechanical, physical, and chemical properties of the material.


    Under allied services, we offer appropriate and satisfactory solutions to exigencies that defy solutions in the ordinary course of business. Owing to our extensive experience over the years, the company has a wide network of resources and a database that helps to zero in on the right remedy for even the most difficult requirements, where no off-the-shelf solution exists.


    Great care is exercised in matters of intellectual property protection and patent violation in the course of work to rule out any complications later. The ESSNPS experts are all trained to subject every probable cause to rigorous scrutiny, with the intention to stay clear of any hint of litigation.


    What are the options to source/ substitute parts and services that no longer exist?

    Original equipment manufacturers usually give adequate notice when discontinuing a product line and even provide spares for a certain period. Beyond that, it is often a matter of using various sources or making do with poor substitutes. But there is also an alternative to seek reliable substitutes from professional agencies, who have also worked in the past with such OEMs and have a better understanding of the exact substitute or make one available through reverse engineering.

    Can external agencies be trusted with critical operational requirements?

    While there are companies that insist on doing everything in-house, there is often a high cost associated with it, and these are exceptions rather than the rule. Today, even very large companies are outsourcing many tasks as it allows them to concentrate on their core expertise. This is in conjunction with the fact that service providers today are extremely professional and competent when it comes to understanding the requirements and providing the best solutions at highly competitive rates.

    Will use of substitute materials or equivalents cause safety and reliability issues?

    Not if a proper assessment is conducted with respect to material properties like weight, tensile strength, etc. While it is always advisable to use the recommended materials of appropriate grade, sometimes substitutes or equivalents are used due to a shortage or unavailability, or due to other reasons like weight reduction or even cost, without impairing performance. In such cases, it is important to seek expert advice or professional expertise to ensure there is no compromise in safety standards and the final product attributes are not impaired on account of substitution.

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