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Pipe Manufacturing, Cutting & Shearing

The world of pipes and pipe processing equipment is fascinating. Running on the surface, elevated, underground, and undersea, millions of kilometers of pipelines carrying mainly oil & gas, but also mineral slurries, water, sewage sundry and other fluids crisscross the earth much like blood vessels in the human body.

Depending on the media, pipes are constructed of different metals and materials i.e. various types of plastics and composites. Steel pipes are available in two broad categories – welded and seamless – with the former having many further classifications. An in-depth knowledge of all the vendors, their professional affiliations, certifications of material grades, etc., is important in maintaining a reliable supply chain. ESSNPS has the expertise to make the best selection for a given application.
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    Products/Machinery that can be sourced for Pipe Manufacturing, Cutting & Shearing
    • Frames
    • Roller Stands
    • Coil Tables
    • Quench Equipment's
    • Quench Tank
    • Pipe Handling Table
    • Machine Frames
    • Accelerator Frames
    • Gear Box
    • Fly Wheel
    • Crank Shafts
    • Bearing Housing