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Quality control, inspection and reporting is an inherent part of the services provided by ESSNPS.

The process of quality control and inspection is a core component of success in the manufacturing and export business. Quality control involves inspection of raw materials, parts that are fabricated or machined, sub-assemblies, and finished products. It starts from when the materials and parts are purchased during the process, until the finished product is ready for delivery.

The ESSNPS team has the right engineering skills to conduct quality control & inspection in manufacturing without disrupting the production, thereby avoiding delays.

Our engineers are qualified and certified by ASNT Level II, which was developed by the American Society for non-destructive testing for certification of welding inspectors. Additionally, all our inspectors go through significant amount of internal training and constant testing. Our engineers are trained to carry out destructive and non-destructive tests, used to examine and qualify finished welds i.e. visual, liquid penetrant, magnetic particle, ultra-sonic and radiographic as required.

Services We Provide

Detailed inspection and quality assurance plans are prepared for the materials used, welding quality, machining processes, stage inspection of parts and fitments specified on drawing, dimensions & tolerances, final inspection, pre-shipment checks, etc., wherever required. Clarifications and additional information is obtained from the customers and jointly reviewed before it is released. This not only ensures a clear understanding of what is expected, but also avoids confusions and delays.

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Brought out items

Bought out items are checked and verified to ensure that they conform to the specifications agreed upon, and there is no sign of any visible damage, etc. The mating parts are checked for fitment after receipt of such items. We also ensure that the supplier continues to be available for replacing any parts, in case any warranty or guarantee issues arise.

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Fabricated Equipment

Fabricated equipment, parts & structures are a major part of any plant in the industry. There are simple and complex parts, with intricate shapes with special requirements and different metals being welded. Many characteristics of a weld are evaluated during welding inspection, some related to the weld size, and others relating to the presence of welding defects.

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Machined Items

The inspection team at ESSNPS is proficient at measurement and verification of dimensions using a coordinate measurement machine (CMM), calipers, micrometers, surface plates, angle plates, height gages, dial indicators, gage blocks, gage pins, Ra testers, etc. All the parts are monitored at various stages and in the final inspection for dimensions, tolerances, clearances, overall finish, etc.

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Reporting & Documentation

The most important aspect in quality control & inspection is reporting and documentation. Inspection reporting is done through a well-established and stage-wise verification and transparent reporting processes using a knowledge-based software that was developed in-house. The buyer may also specify the format to be used for the items. ESSNPS follows the procedure agreed upon and maintains proper documentation and relevant records.

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Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)

FAT is the final check carried out before the items are dispatched. It helps to gain proof of functionality, quality, and integrity with our comprehensive checking process. These are conducted as per the terms agreed upon, and may include visual checks, overall dimensions related to assembly, random sampling, etc. Approval is sought on the FAT conducted before packaging and shipment.

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    Our Strengths

    Comprehensive Quality Checks

    Use of the correct methods and processes at each stage, ensures integrity and good manufacturing practices, with zero defects. Procedures are defined to ensure the highest quality of products and components that are inspected.

    Quality Assurance Plan

    Once the order is placed, the team works meticulously with a detailed plan to document every detail of raw materials and consumables, fittings, and all the manufacturing processes to ensure complete traceability of the sourced products.

    Domain Expertise

    ESSNPS has a dedicated team of experts in varied disciplines and qualified from international certification agencies to ensure quality control & inspection to meet the expectations of the customer. They also have experience in manufacturing engineering and ensure that best practices are followed at every stage to achieve the desired quality of the product.


    Over the last decades, ESSNPS has acquired valuable insights into sourcing & procurement services, and in the process, built strong capabilities in this area.

    Customised Methods

    Every client has different needs and requirements, and are treated as a unique case, avoiding standard solutions from a narrow base of vendors. This, in turn, helps to enlarge the resources pool and discover customized solutions.

    Quick Start

    The entire process, once set-in motion after receiving the requisition, is quick and strictly follows the timelines that have been agreed upon. ESSNPS has a competent team that gets down to the brass-tacks to find the best solutions within a given timeframe.

    Setting Communication Protocols

    Effective communication is the key to successful business dealings. A clear understanding is formed at the outset of the communication protocols with a single point of contact, the format and the details, part codes, etc., as well as the status of inventory.

    Qualified Team of Engineers

    People are the core asset of an organization and ESSNPS has a well experienced team of experts with skills acquired over hundreds of collective years whilst handling the sourcing and procurement requirements of demanding customers spread across the globe.

    Dynamic Reporting

    Well-established chain of a reporting hierarchy with a meticulous documentation process, which means there is constant communication between the concerned parties that factors in any change in specifications or requirements and issues thereof.


    There is no compromise on quality, hence the need for constant vigilance. It is one thing to set the parameters at the outset spelling out the requirements. But what is important is to follow the details in practice with continuous monitoring of all the products for quality with routine as well as random checks, keeping records of the deviations, and timely intervention to get the anomalies corrected. All these are critical issues that the ESSNPS team is extremely proficient with.

    Intellectual Property Protection

    Special attention is provided while framing the guidelines for intellectual property protection to avoid any legal issues that could cause problems or disruptions later. ESSNPS has the necessary skills and expertise in this area.

    Distance, Language & Culture

    In the age of the digital revolution, distance is no barrier in maintaining regular communication channels. The language of business in India is predominantly English. Culture is about expectations, values, and perceptions of others in relation to cooperation. Employees may have different cultural backgrounds but are very much embedded in the company culture.

    Compliance Resolutions

    The world is a global village, they say, but it is not free of regulations. In fact, the global trade compliance can be a daunting issue with duty structures and tariff barriers. Only a thorough knowledge of the issues at stake can ensure an effective supply chain.


    How to ensure supplier capabilities while outsourcing sourcing & procurement?

    Usually buyers suffer when they deal with suppliers without understanding their capabilities, which leads to problems. Often, suppliers accept the order and fail to deliver, which can cause serious bottlenecks in production. In fact, this is the biggest problem a company can face, because there was no proper due diligence carried out in the preliminary stage. This is where professionals can help with their experience and familiarity with the complexities that the process entails. These sourcing & procurement companies not only find the right supplier, but also continue to monitor the services to ensure all the delivery demands and standards are met. For the buyer, it is then only a matter of conducting regular reviews and insisting on remedial actions in case of any abnormality.

    Will quality be compromised in the process?

    This is a valid concern but misplaced because quality can be compromised even if a company does this activity in-house, if there are no inspections or quality control audit checks and balances. Professional sourcing & procurement companies are not only familiar with the products and components, but also the quality control aspect and the various inspection requirements. These constitute a part of the terms and conditions and there are checklists to follow with active participation from the client in verifying all the quality parameters at each stage.

    But how to ensure that the supplier does not renege on the agreement?

    Often companies take the easy way out and finalize on a deal with a supplier without entering a formal contract. Professional sourcing & procurement service providers are trained to look out for these issues and help to create binding legal contracts and the necessary paperwork, which can be a difficult task for a company, given its priorities. The solution is to rely on professionals to help in these matters as they are not only familiar with the process but also have ready templates for entering into such contracts that are binding, thereby assuring a healthy supply chain.

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