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Discrete Manufacturing

Discrete manufacturing involves assembling things and making things that are distinct. They are equipped with a wide range of machinery and supporting equipment, paint shops etc.

The processes deployed in discrete manufacturing are not continuous in nature. Each process can be individually started or stopped and run at varying production rates. Modern plants are highly automated, involving a lot of controllers, PLCs, panels, display units, equipped with robots etc. Sourcing the right kind of machinery and equipment and commissioning them to form an ideal production ecosystem, requires not just capital but also human skills. ESSNPS has extensive expertise in providing solutions to companies pertaining to discrete manufacturers. The concept of smart factory is offered and involves supply and sourcing the right kind of equipment for production environment in a semi-automated and fully automated production.
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    Products/Machinery that can be sourced for Discrete Manufacturing
    • Robots Programming, Teaching & Testing
    • Human machine interphase (HMI)
    • PLC panels
    • Refurbishing
    • Machine Tools
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