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Established in 2005, ESSNPS specializes in creating a robust and reliable supply chain for seamless production, which includes complete development, supply and delivery of engineering goods for global and local enterprises.

Our experience across a variety of industry verticals such as automobile, oil & gas, chemicals, pharma, food processing, packaging as well as heavy industries, make us a reliable partner that can support you with cost-effective end-to-end sourcing, procurement, testing, inspection & quality control, and documentation to final delivery to the end customer location.

Services We Provide

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Customized Strategic Sourcing Solutions from India

An unbeaten track record of helping global companies to source quality engineered products from India in accordance with international standards.

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Vendor Development for Economical Buying Solutions from India

Proficient in developing low-cost suppliers in India to ensure that the parts and components are fabricated according to the customer’s specifications, including the variety of materials with stringent quality requirements and firm delivery schedules.

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Processes and Protocols

Well-established reporting, communication protocols and processes, right from the receipt of RFQ to delivery, assuring a seamless procurement experience.

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Packing as per ISPM Standards

All the parts and components are neatly packed conforming to international standards, taking into account the mode of transport, weather conditions and humidity, etc. Special care provided for fragile components to avoid damages and to ensure smooth passage and delivery.

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Logistics Management

Proficient in engaging the right agency for your logistical requirements pertaining to the mode of shipment, export documentation, good understanding of incoterms, rules and regulations of the exporting country and the destination.

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Engineering Expertise

500 years of experience in the engineering domain, precisely with mechanical, structural, electrical, automation, robotics, and software engineering, which makes us an apt partner for sourcing engineering goods in the industry.

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Our Strengths


Sound knowledge of design, engineering, materials, manufacturing, standards, specifications and intellectual property (IP) protection.

Vendor Development & Management

Ability to design the best sourcing strategies based on requirements through a well-established and highly reputed vendor base.

Quality Comes First

Quality is a measure of excellence, right from qualifying a vendor to performing a task that is required to ensure that the product is consistently free from defects and deficiencies by means of a well-established stage-intensive verification and transparent reporting processes using an internally developed knowledge-based software.


Established Vendors with Proven Credibility

Over the years, ESSNPS has built a highly credible network of vendors from the MSME sector, with companies that are already suppliers to tier 1 & 2 companies, and those that are familiar with the supply chain ecosystem.

Professional Business

Well-rooted and well-established multinational company that follows the best professional business practices and ethics, its core values comprising respect, integrity and interest of all the stakeholders involved.

No Language

Apart from the famed proficiency in English, our team of professionals has the ability to understand and communicate with proficiency in the language(s) of preference of the customer.

Engineering and Interpretation

Our team comprises highly qualified and experienced engineers, with an ability to understand very complex design, systems, processes and stay abreast with current technologies.


Heavy Fabrication

Well experienced with heavy equipment fabrication using semi-automated and automated vendors who use the latest cutting and welding machines in the market. Our vendors have a typical manufacturing capacity of 100-200 MT, and we’ve shipped equipment weighing up to 50MT (single piece) for our international customers.

Light Medium Fabrication

Provider of all types of fabrications related to small and medium process equipment’s (food, pharma, chemical) in various materials and combinations, where skilled workmanship is required with high precision and accuracy in welding and finishing.

Pressure Vessels and Heat Exchanger

Experience in supplying pressure vessels used in the oil-gas sectors, along with food, pharma, and chemical plants in relation to their design, inspection, standards and manufacturing codes followed in the industry.

Vacuum Equipment

Experience in supplying a wide range of vacuum-operated equipment for applications pertaining to melting, heat treatments, brazing, de-oiling, jacketed and non- jacketed equipment and manifolds, etc. These are fabricated, machined with precision and are inspected for helium leak tests.

Component Manufacturing

Experience in supplying all types of mechanical components, sub-assemblies, assemblies, fabricated and machined parts, and they are all inspected in accordance with the specifications.

Exotic Metals Fabrication

Experience in supply of highly corrosive resistance equipment for chemical, petrochemical, pulp & paper, fertilizer, and pharma fields from exotic metals such as Titanium, Tantalum, Zirconium, Niobium & High Nickel Alloys (Hastelloy, Nickel, Monel, Inconel, etc.) at extremely competitive prices.

Stainless Steel Fabrication

Experience in supplying highly complex equipment fitted with manholes, sight, service ports. Stainless steel fabrication of various grades for equipment and vessels that can be used in processes, food, pharma, etc. We also cover surface finish requirements potentially needed for hygiene applications.

Precision Machining

We have established collaborations with some state-of-the-art machine shops that are equipped with the latest 4-6 axis machining centers. An intensive stage-wise inspection is carried out to ensure that tolerances are achieved on- and off-machine. As and when required, CMM and Faro arms are used to confirm.

Fabricated Enclosure

We specialize in providing power supply cabinets and enclosures that custom-built to suit a specific purpose and area of application. Special care is taken to minimize warpage, while paint and powder coating is applied to specifications, such as RAL. PMS, with gloss, structure and matt finish as required by the customer.

PLC Cabinets

We supply a variety of assembled and tested PLC panels and cabinets according to our customer’s specifications, including stand-alone panels, workstations, and desk-type panels etc. We also provide PLC programming, installation, integration, and commissioning on site and at customer locations (physical as well as remote).

Wired Up Cabinets

Vast experience in supply of wired-up cabinets that are duly tested using standard (Rittal and Hoffman models) and custom cabinets designed with compact yet uncluttered layouts, with controls and accessories of the specified grade and IP rating. All the panels are delivered defect-free and ‘ready to fit’ in the field.



Customer Enquiry

Customer sends the RFQ, setting the process in motion


Technical Evaluation

Scrutiny of the RFQ for details like scope and technology


Supplier Identification

From the available vendor resources or identifying a new one


RFQ to Supplier

Sending the RFQ to eligible suppliers and/or person(s)


Specification Review

Discussion with the supplier about the RFQ contents


Quotation from Supplier

A complete quotation along with production details, samples, etc.



Should-cost analysis considering industry standards and norms


Commercial Finalisation

The terms between customer and supplier to finalize the deal


Contract Signing Off

Successful conclusion of the first part of the process


Project Management

Specified milestones achieved by the supplier through QAP & FAT


Mass Production / SOP

Process finalization after the PPAP samples are approved


Process Improvement

Additional process improvements, PPM reduction, etc as applicable


General Documentation

Procedural formalities, export procedures, duties, etc.


Logistics Planning

Container planning, coordination with freight forwarders, etc.


Delivery to Customer

Completed the process with all the steps per agreed incoterms


The rising trend of companies sticking to their core competencies has resulted in outsourcing the non-critical functions and taking advantage of a cost arbitrage from low-cost locations. Entrusting sourcing & procurement to domain experts eliminates delays and bottlenecks. ESSNPS has the necessary experience and expertise to meet all your strategic sourcing, supply, and development requirements with a scientific approach, thereby helping companies to form a reliable supply chain of trusted vendors.


For decades, ESSNPS has fulfilled the demands of global companies by supplying quality products at competitive rates. The company offers complete end-to-end sourcing and procurement solutions right from the pre-order inquiry followed by a detailed study and analyzing of design, drawings and materials, to raising a RFQ. After zeroing in on the vendor, meeting all the requirements, all the post-order formalities right up to delivery, with complete documentation.


Is it prudent to outsource a crucial activity like sourcing & procurement?

As a professional provider of sourcing & procurement consulting services for decades, ESSNPS has a team of experts specialized in different areas of engineering and are familiar with the vendor landscape, with hundreds of years of collective field experience behind them. The team members are also conversant with all the requirements and proper processes like quality assessment, testing and certification, intellectually property and data secrecy, communication protocols and documentation as well as packaging, and delivery. This collective expertise improves efficiency and overall performance.

Will outsourcing cause a financial burden on the company?

For professional sourcing & procurement service providers, this is a core competency with expertise across different specializations. Their entire efforts are devoted to building up resources and scouting for the most competitive vendors in order to form an effective supply chain, thereby reducing dependency on a small base, which can lead to constraints in case of contingencies. The recent Covid-19 crisis is an example of such disruption that throws production schedules awry. It is not easy to replicate such expertise within the company’s in-house resources that will surely cause additional overheads. Comparatively, outsourcing this activity will not only offer significant cost advantages but also lead to better utilization of the company’s human resources which can be devoted to more productive activities.

What about client confidentiality and data security?

These are important and valid concerns which are addressed during sourcing and procurement, right in the initial stage itself. Apart from client confidentiality, there are also issues with data security in terms of hacking and cyber-attacks that are taken care of by effective cybersecurity measures. All these concerns are addressed by a stringent policy and regulatory framework along with appropriate legal provisions.

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