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Oil & Gas

Offshore, onshore, rigs, platforms, drilling vessels, pipelines, terminals, refineries – the Oil & Gas ecosystem is a world by itself with the upstream and downstream equipment market running into hundreds of billion dollars.

It is also among the most highly automated industries using high precision instrumentation and controls, and state-of-the-art control rooms. Besides capital equipment, there is a whole range of consumables and spare parts, tools and maintenance equipment, necessitating large inventories, if the company decides to do everything by itself. This is where professional outsourcing agencies, like ESSNPS, make perfect business sense with their domain knowledge and familiarity of the vendor base, negotiating the best deals in a highly volatile industry that is prone to wild swings in demand and supply.
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    Products/Machinery that can be sourced for Oil & Gas
    • Heat Exchangers
    • Pressure Vessels Tanks
    • Flanges – Forged + Machined
    • Dish ends – Fabricated
    • API Base Frames
    • Columns & Trays
    • Reactors / Agitators
    • Actuators & Regulators
    • Pipes /pipe Fittings & Flanges
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