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Client Brief

The client, a multibillion-dollar enterprise, is one of the fastest growing companies in the world. It is engaged in diverse business interests in the areas of Induction welding and post processing technologies.


Cost, quality and efficiency are the key metrics that any organization, be it a manufacturing company, financial institution or a service agency, strives to relentlessly improve. A sound operations management forms the basis of the fundamental strength of a company.

For manufacturing companies, it becomes all the more important to constantly improve the process management and the customer experience.

The design and manufacturing processes cannot be directly outsourced considering the effort and time spent on developing new products. Amidst the rising digitization and increasing cyber-attacks, safeguarding IT assets (design, patents, etc.) is equally crucial.

Key Challenge

    • Intellectual property
    • Qualified partners for Co-engineering
    • Competent Manufacturing Source
    • Cost saving through Sourcing & direct shipment to end customer(logistics)
    • Localisation for manufacturing

The Solution

After thoroughly examining all the options, the company decided to partner with ESSNPS for co-engineering and manufacturing of the products. The protocols were set, and the designs were finalized.

The next challenge was to find equivalent components and test their compatibility, which was carried out during the co-engineering phase.

Suitable suppliers were approached, and specifications were generated for the approval of the local components that were used.

After the manufacturing and assemblies were done, the FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) was carried out and approved by the company prior to the shipping phase.

The final product was packed with due precautions – a critical aspect considering the rough sea weather – and the consignment was directly shipped to the customer for installation.

The Result

The successful execution and completion enabled the company to hold control around all aspects of operations like Design, Manufacturing, Assembly, FAT and Logistics, without affecting the quality and delivery schedule.

This resulted in cost savings on all fronts and both the parties involved mutually benefited from this collaboration.

Certainly, a win-win situation that set a precedent for future business.