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Client Brief

The client is a small firm, yet one of the fastest growing companies overseas, with interests in the field of capping solutions for the Food and Pharma sector.


Regardless of size, cost, quality, and efficiency are the key metrics for any organization that has its eyes set on the fast track. Whatever the domain, whether a manufacturing company, financial institution or a service agency, companies are investing their time and resources in their quest to constantly improve. A sound operations management forms the basis of the fundamental strength of a company.

For smaller companies who depend on suppliers for manufacturing, it becomes all the more important to constantly develop new suppliers, who can add value to their products and supply at cost-effective prices.

The design and manufacturing processes cannot be directly outsourced considering the efforts and time spent on developing new products. Amidst the rising digitization and increasing cyber-attacks, safeguarding IT assets (design, patents, etc.) is equally crucial.

Key Challenge

    • Intellectual property
    • Re-Engineering for CKD and Local Manufacturing
    • Compatible Parts
    • Better Aesthetic and Functioning,
    • Cost Saving through Compact Packing.

The Solution

The company was referred to ESSNPS through a mutual contact, after which they decided to go ahead and partner with us for developing and sourcing their products. The protocols were set, and the designs were finalized.

Manufacturing drawings were generated for local production with equivalent material and bought out parts, and their compatibility was verified during the sampling stages.

The next challenge was to manufacture the sub-assembly in CKD condition and interchangeability. This was achieved through teamwork, involving engineering and manufacturing knowledge and skills.

Interchangeability of parts was key to shipping in CKD condition and was achieved through rigorous trials, considering the stuffing layout to accommodate maximum parts.

The Result

This project enabled the customer to save space on their shop floor and reduce handling and inventory.

They were able to assemble the product quickly and sell it, as and when required.

An annual supply contract pricing was fixed, which ensured continuous supply to the customer and ensured business at competitive pricing for both the parties.