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About Service

Modern manufacturing is all about sticking to core competencies and outsourcing all peripheral requirements. But there is a catch here – finding the right partners to form an effective supply chain.

For 15 years, InSourcings has helped manufacturers connect with suppliers to form prized partnerships for huge mutual gains in a highly competitive field. Whatever the requirement, our expert professionals have a sound understanding of all engineering verticals – mechanical, electrical, electronic, automation and robotics – with a huge database of highly competent vendors with a successful track record of fulfilling all contract obligations. InSourcings helps buyers connect with suppliers and takes care of all requirements of the entire process – right from expression of interest to delivery of the products or services.

Services We Provide

InSourcings provides a whole range of Contract Sourcing services required by any engineering or manufacturing company – right from the nuts & bolts of specific tensile strength to furnaces that melt specific grades of steel scrap and everything in between. All of assured quality and with prompt service.

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Vendor Supplier Base

InSourcings has an active Supplier Base Management system with regular reviews and audits in order to maintain a highly credible pool of vendors, adding new ones as well as removing those that fail to deliver. This ensures a healthy buyer supplier relationship.

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Vendor Qualification

A very strict and detailed process of Vendor Qualification is followed to evaluate all important parameters like infrastructure and financials of the vendor to verify if it can indeed be a reliable and timely supplier of the goods and services required by the buying company.

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Manufacturing Capabilities

The next step is to assess the manufacturing capabilities of the vendor in terms of the tool room, machinery and production facilities; the quality of its workforce and supervisors; testing and quality control as also improvement process followed by the company.

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Reporting & Inspection

The process of Vendor Inspection & Reporting includes inspection of machinery, materials, manufactured items, storage and testing facilities, etc., in order to ensure a smooth supply. Besides it is also important to ensure compliance with the relevant standards.

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Co-ordination with TPI

Wherever required InSourcings coordinates with Third Party Inspection (TPI) services for review, test and validation of the products and processes at the vendor establishment and also for post-production, pre-shipment checks, etc.

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FAT (Final Acceptance Test)

FAT or final acceptance test is carried according to the specifications approved by the buyer. It includes all the verification of the manufactured products to conform to appearance, performance, quality of finish, etc., before these are packed for shipment.

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